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Beton-Chemie USA Corp. offers the following special admixtures for semi-dry concrete products such as Paving Stones, Pressed Slabs, Masonry Block, Pipe, Hollowcore, Manholes and for many other shapes and sizes.

Beton-Chemie USA Corp. special concrete admixtures have been used Internationally to improve concrete products for over 25 years. Our products are manufactured under strict Quality Controls and are inspected for compliance to International Standards program ISO 9000. North American and European distribution available for World Wide Service.

Beton-Chemie USA Corp. special concrete admixtures are used to improve strength, reduce cement use, lower absorption and increase durability of semi-dry cast concrete products.

To obtain the information on Color-Guard 2LV, BC 12, BC 33M, BC 40, BC 80, BlocAide 35, or Stone-Guard, click the link and then print/print page after the page has finished downloading.

Admixture for:

BC 12 →

Admixture to entrain air in wet concrete to increase durability

BC 33M →

Powdered admixture for mortar to improve strength and durability

BC 40 →

Special super-plasticizer for self compacting concrete

BC 80 →

Non-chloride accelerator to increase early concrete strength

BlocAide 35 →

Admixture for:


CONCRETE SEALER water-based, penetrating and reacting to reduce water absorption and increase water repellency.


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Beton-Chemie USA Corp. is proud to be affiliated with the following organization(s):

  • Architectural Precast Association
    The voice of the architectural precast industry.

  • ASTM
    Has developed and published 10,000 technical standards, which are used by industries worldwide.

  • National Concrete Masonry Association
    NCMA's extensive library of technical materials can assist with the design and construction of concrete masonry systems.

  • The Cast Stone Institute
    An organization formed for the purpose of improving the quality of Cast Stone.

  • The Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute

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